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Fifapal Spring Specials: Purchase FIFA 15 Coins In March To Gain 5% Free Bonus

Fifapal Spring Specials: Purchase FIFA 15 Coins In March To Gain 5% Free Bonus

darren keane storm internationalHappy Spring, everyone! To thank you for your long term supports and understandings, Fifapal will hold free FIFA 15 coins giveaways in March. As long as you purchase over $50 totally on Fifapal in March, you will gain extra 5% Fifa coins bonus.


1. Purchase over $50 on Fifapal through March, 2015.

2. Contact Fifapal 24/7 Live Help and tell them IDs of all your COMPLETED orders during the activity to claim extra 5% free FIFA 15 coins.

3. Once it is confirmed, we will give you 5% free FIFA coins based on the total amount you pay. For example, if you buy total $100 FIFA 15 coins Xbox on Fifapal through March, you will get $5 FIFA 15 coins Xbox for free from Fifapal.

Note that orders for FIFA 15 coins IOS and Android are invalid in this activity.

Valid time

This activity is valid from March 5 to March 31, 2015 GMT, when as long as orders you complete are over $50, you can claim your extra bonus at once.

Since there are thousands of people to consult our reps each day, we have no time to contact every customer. So please don't forget to contact our 24/7 Live Help to claim your free FIFA coins once you meet those requirements. Or you can like and PM Fifapal Facebook to ask for help Thank you for your understanding, and have fun!


Fifapal facebook weekly editors are recruiting, and all fans now have a chance to be Fifapal Facebook editors with free FIFA 15 coins as rewards. What you need to do is find an interesting topic about FIFA 15, and those getting more points will win!

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As the tradition, the next rendition of the St. Patrick's Day tournament may come on March, 2015. It should be a good opportunity to make FIFA 15 coins fast, but you need to invest the right players at first. Here are some tips about how to invest the right players for the FIFA 15 St. Patricks Day Tournament.


In order to participate in the tournament, there is a stipulation for entry. Your FUT squad must consist of 18 players from Republic of Ireland, 18 players from Northern Ireland or 18 players from the Irish Airtricity League.

Whom to buy

Striker Shane Long and RM Aiden McGeady are definitely on my buy-list. You may boo me for this decision. But you should know that they are from the Premier League and they are fast.

In the last St. Patricks Tournament, McGeady went for +8,000 at his peak, while Shane Long went for 50,000 at one point. They are the most eligible players on this tournament. Now Shane Long costs 1900 FIFA 15 coins Xbox while McGeady is 4300 FIFA 15 coins PS or 3500 FIFA 15 coins Xbox. So it is worth to buy them now. Purchase cheap FIFA 15 coins PS for these players now.

Besides, you can also spread the risk on those who will not rise heavily, like Robbie Keane, James McCarth, darren keane Randolph and John Egan.
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